What You Should Really Know About Mixie The Bar

So you stumbled upon Mixie, and you’re looking for the most photogenic mobile bar in Canada to have at your special event.
She brought you in with her beauty, now time to fall in love with her personality.
If you’re getting married, or throwing a bash and want to impress your guests, look no further, Mixie is the one for you.

Who is Mixie?


Mixie the Traveling Bar is a beautifully converted 17-foot, 1975 Boler trailer, and the ultimate mobile bar for your event.
She is crafted with detailed cabinetry from fir and mahogany, hand-sewn textiles, herb pots, and vintage lighting. Fridges, sinks and everything you’d imagine a travelling bar would need, including a private lounge area. Your guests are sure to want a photo op with her.
Mixie is definitely a party girl, she loves going to Okanagan events to get her groove on. What’s her favourite kind of party you ask?
While she’s not picky at all about what kind of event she goes to, her favourite kind of party is a wedding. The love in the air, the places she gets to travel to, oh does she love to travel all around the Okanagan, and sometimes she gets super adventurous and travels even further.
Oh, we almost forgot about all of the people she gets to meet. Let me tell you the thing she loves most about the beautiful people she meets, in their beautiful clothes, at a beautiful venue… Well, Mixie just loveeeeessssssss it when people take pictures with her!
She loves taking a selfie with you, she loves it when you use the Flash & Frame photobooth with her own custom designed filters, and she loves it even all more when you post pictures with her and tag #MixieTheBar 😉. 
Kelowna Mobile Bar

How Was Mixie Born?

Mixie the bar trailer was designed, and brought to life by Jacqui Beattie of Mint Julep Events, in Kelowna, BC. When it was time to find Mixie a new home, we stumbled upon her speed dating, and right away we both knew that we belonged together.
Mixie has had quite the journey so far in her life, being a part of plenty of events all around the Okanagan, and gaining quite the reputation, but she’s only just beginning. She’s the newest addition to the Mixologists Bartending team, and we’re going to take her to heights we’ve never dreamed of before. 

What’s Special About Mixie?

From that colour scheme that just fits with every theme, to the bartending team who adds something special to every event, to that bootylicious back end of hers, Mixie has it all.
She’s fully functioning with just a regular plug in, yeah you read that right, all we need is a wall socket to plug her into, and bam we’ve got a fully functional bar.
She only needs a small spot to park on too, just 14ft x 20ft, and we can always supply the generator if there’s nowhere to plug her in! 
Mixie comes equipped with a beautiful 8’ wooden bar to decorate as you please, with windows to gaze inside at the homegrown herb garnishes and watch your bartenders get their shake on. She has two ice wells, to keep your bevvys chilled and accessible, three fridges to keep your drinks cold, and even sinks with running hot water! She is everything a bar should be to provide your event with some unforgettable memories.
Kelowna's Mixologists Bartending for Weddings

What’s To Come For Mixie?

While writing this, we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and events are cancelled for the rest of the season in beautiful British Columbia.
This gives Mixie time to relax, and get ready for our first full event season together, because let me tell you, we will be working hard.
Who knows what next year holds in store, but we will be navigating through these rough waters as best as we can until it's time to party like it's 1999!

How Do Invite Mixie To Our Next Event?


We thought you’d never ask, Mixie was over here worrying about how much you’d be missing out on by not having her at your event.
Since Mixie loves being invited to places so much, she’s done everything she could to make it as easy as possible for you to bring her to your party. All you have to do is fill out this form, and if Mixie doesn’t already have a hot date lined up for that night, we will help make sure that she provides you and your guests with the best experience possible.
Once you’ve picked everything you need, and signed the contract, it’s time to get ready to have the best party of your life! Mixie will be at your event with the brightest energy and best attitude you could hope for.  
We hope you learned a lot about Mixie, and make sure you check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
If you spot her, remember to hashtag #MixieTheBar

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